It's our obsession. We create shoes that you will enjoy for years.  We source and use the finest materials, and each pair is made to the highest manufacturing standards.

CWÉN shoes are crafted with the exquisite detail that could only live in a human hand. They're made robust and durable thanks to the very best in technology

Traditional craftsmanship and modern machinery come together to bring you a shoe adorned with delicate luxury - an essential part of your wardrobe for many years to come.


Every pair of CWÉN shoes begins as an idea. The idea comes to life using pencil and paper.  Designs are refined as many times as it takes to balance elegance with comfort, style with substance.


To bring life to modern designs, we only trust traditional craftsmanship and the master skills required to transform humble leather into pieces of luxury.

Delicate hand crafting and ultra-modern methods work in harmony, perfectly representing the marriage of old and the new. Each process has been specifically chosen for CWÉN to ensure our shoes are as comfortable as they are beautiful, a practical as they are delicate. 

In production, lasts come first. CWÉN lasts aren't standards, they're not bought in. Lasts are the souls of our shoes - anatomically perfect and sized for any foot. Queens should always feel as good as they look.

Brand History

We combine classic craftsmanship with contemporary design at an affordable price, but with no trade-offs on comfort or quality.

Our journey to create the perfect shoe took us to Italy in search of the best leather. In the cypress-lined Tuscan foothills, we discovered it. Leather fit for a queen.

Our search for an expert shoemaker, someone who shared our obsession for quality, elegance, and attention to detail, led us to Portugal and a family-owned factory that's been in business for five generations.

Each family member has a distinct role in the process, each is a master of their craft.  With exceptional skill and an eye detail, the highest quality materials, come together to ensure comfort and design coexist perfectly.


Designed in London.  Handmade in Portugal.  Owned by you.